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Measurement techniques have been of immense importance ever since the start of human civilization, when measurements were first needed to regulate the transfer of goods in barter trade to ensure that exchanges were fair. The industrial revolution during the nineteenth century brought about a rapid development of new instruments and measurement techniques to satisfy the needs of industrialized production techniques.Alan S. Morris

Preface xvii Acknowledgements xx Part1:PrinciplesofMeasurement1 1INTRODUCTIONTOMEASUREMENT3 1.1Measurementunits3 1.2Measurementsystemapplications6 1.3Elementsofameasurementsystem8 1.4Choosingappropriatemeasuringinstruments9 2INSTRUMENTTYPESANDPERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS12 2.1Reviewofinstrumenttypes12 2.1.1Activeandpassiveinstruments12 2.1.2Null-typeandde<001F>ection-typeinstruments13 2.1.3Analogueanddigitalinstruments14 2.1.4Indicatinginstrumentsandinstrumentswitha signaloutput15 2.1.5Smartandnon-smartinstruments16 2.2Staticcharacteristicsofinstruments16 2.2.1Accuracyandinaccuracy(measurementuncertainty)16 2.2.2Precision/repeatability/reproducibility17 2.2.3Tolerance17 2.2.4Rangeorspan18 2.2.5Linearity19 2.2.6Sensitivityofmeasurement19 2.2.7Threshold20 2.2.8Resolution20 2.2.9Sensitivitytodisturbance20 2.2.10Hysteresiseffects22 2.2.11Deadspace23 2.3Dynamiccharacteristicsofinstruments23 2.3.1Zeroorderinstrument25 2.3.2Firstorderinstrument25 2.3.3Secondorderinstrument28 2.4Necessityforcalibration29 2.5Self-testquestions30 3ERRORSDURINGTHEMEASUREMENTPROCESS32 3.1Introduction32 3.2Sourcesofsystematicerror33 3.2.1Systemdisturbanceduetomeasurement33 3.2.2Errorsduetoenvironmentalinputs37 3.2.3Wearininstrumentcomponents38 3.2.4Connectingleads38 3.3Reductionofsystematicerrors39 3.3.1Carefulinstrumentdesign39 3.3.2Methodofopposinginputs39 3.3.3High-gainfeedback39 3.3.4Calibration41 3.3.5Manualcorrectionofoutputreading42 3.3.6Intelligentinstruments42 3.4Quanti<001E>cationofsystematicerrors42 3.5Randomerrors42 3.5.1Statisticalanalysisofmeasurementssubjectto randomerrors43 3.5.2Graphicaldataanalysistechniques–frequency distributions46 3.6Aggregationofmeasurementsystemerrors56 3.6.1Combinedeffectofsystematicandrandomerrors56 3.6.2Aggregationoferrorsfromseparatemeasurement systemcomponents56 3.6.3Totalerrorwhencombiningmultiplemeasurements59 3.7Self-testquestions60 Referencesandfurtherreading63 4CALIBRATIONOFMEASURINGSENSORSAND INSTRUMENTS64 4.1Principlesofcalibration64 4.2Controlofcalibrationenvironment66 4.3Calibrationchainandtraceability67 4.4Calibrationrecords71 Referencesandfurtherreading72 5MEASUREMENTNOISEANDSIGNALPROCESSING73 5.1Sourcesofmeasurementnoise73 5.1.1Inductivecoupling74 5.1.2Capacitive(electrostatic)coupling74 5.1.3Noiseduetomultipleearths74
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