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This Technical Handbook is the result of a combined effort by the Engineering, Sales, and Marketing Departments.

Table of Contents Conversions Metric Values1 Metric Prefixes1 Temperature .2 Flow Rate .3 Miscellaneous.5 Equivalents Liquid Measures and Weights12 Kinematic Viscosity 12 Absolute Viscosity 13 Electrical Units13 Degrees API and Degrees Baumť.14 Kinematic and Saybolt Viscosity 15 Pressure and Head 16 Properties Density and Specific Gravity of Selected Liquids 17 Density and Specific Gravity of Selected Gases .18 Density and Specific Gravity of Saturated Water.19 Density of Superheated Steam and Compressed Water .20 Specific Gravity of Petroleum Products .21 Density of Air 22 Speed of Sound .22 Dielectric Constants of Liquids.23 Dielectric Constants of Solids 29 Viscosity of Gases and Vapors 30 Viscosity of Water and Steam 31 Viscosity of Various Liquids31 Viscosity of Petroleum Products 32 Pipe Data Dimensions of Blind Flanges33 Flange Ratings by Class 35 Cast Iron Pipe 38 Steel Pipe .39
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