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Program, Activities and Accomplishment, The mission of the Optoelectronics Division is to provide the optoelectronics industry and its suppliers and customers with comprehensive and technically advanced measurement capabilities and standards, and traceability to those standards.

About the Optoelectronics Division .v
Optoelectronics Division Staff vi
Laser Radiometry .1
Display Metrology .6
High-Speed Measurements 10
Interferometry and Polarimetry 14
Spectral and Nonlinear Properties .19
Nanostructure Fabrication and Metrology .23
Quantum Information and Terahertz Technology 27
Optical Materials Metrology 33
Semiconductor Growth and Devices .37
Appendix A: Major Laboratory Facilities .41
Appendix B: NRC Post-Doc and Other Research Opportunities .42
Appendix C: Conferences and Workshops .51
Appendix D: Calibration Services 53
Appendix E: Standard Reference Materials 57

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