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 pdf fileSignal Conditioning Circuits
objectives: Identify the different building blocks of a measuring system and explain the function of each block; Design an unbalanced wheatstone bridge and determine its sensitivity and other parameters; Able to explain the advantage of using push-pull configuration in unbalanced a.c. and d.c. bridges; Define CMRR of an amplifier and explain its importance for amplifying differential signal; Compare the performances of single input amplifiers (inverting and non-inverting) in terms of gain and input impedance; Draw and derive the gain expression of a three-op.amp. instrumentation amplifier;

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 pdf fileNovel Signal Conditioning Circuits for Push-Pull Type Transducers
In this thesis, novel signal conditioning circuits suitable for push-pull type of resistive and capacitive transducers are discussed and their performance analysed. With suitable alterations, these circuits are transformed into direct resistance / capacitance to digital converters. A relaxation oscillator based signal conditioning circuit suitable for push-pull type of resistive transducers is initially presented. The duty cycle of the oscillator output is directly related to the changes in the transducer resistances. Since the average value of the output of the oscillator is linear with respect to the duty cycle, the circuit provides a highly linear characteristic even for transducers having an inverse relationship with the physical input.

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