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objectives: Identify the different building blocks of a measuring system and explain the function of each block; Design an unbalanced wheatstone bridge and determine its sensitivity and other parameters; Able to explain the advantage of using push-pull configuration in unbalanced a.c. and d.c. bridges; Define CMRR of an amplifier and explain its importance for amplifying differential signal; Compare the performances of single input amplifiers (inverting and non-inverting) in terms of gain and input impedance; Draw and derive the gain expression of a three-op.amp. instrumentation amplifier;

contents: [ Unbalanced D.C. Bridge ~ Push-pull Configuration ~ Unbalanced A.C. Bridge with Push-pull Configuration ~ Capacitance Amplifier ~ Amplifiers ~ Inverting and Non-inverting Amplifiers ~ Differential Amplifier ~ Instrumentation Amplifier]
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