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[ pdf ] Model Systems Engineering Documents for Adaptive Signal Control Technology ASCT Systems

Model Systems Engineering Documents for Adaptive Signal Control Technology ASCT Systems Download
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The purpose of this document is to guide the user through the process of developing systems engineering documents for assessment and selection of adaptive signal control technology (ASCT) systems. This document provides a structure within which you can examine your current operation (or the operation you expect to have within the near future), assess whether or not adaptive control is likely to address your issues, and then decide what type of adaptive control will be right for you. Templates are provided for the development of the systems engineering documents that are appropriate for your situation. There are instructions on how to select appropriate answers to questions, how to select statements from the examples that are provided, and what additional information you need to gather and include in the documents. This may lead you to prepare a set of requirements and a specification against which vendors may propose a solution; or it may lead you to identify one system that is particularly suitable for your needs. It may also lead you to the realization that you are not yet prepared or capable of operating an ASCT system.

There are two primary situations in which this document is intended to be used: • During the Planning Process: When you are planning to install an ASCT system, need to define the overall objectives for the system, and need to define it sufficiently clearly that a project can be included in the regional TIP. • During the Engineering Process: Once a project has been programmed and funded, this guidebook may be used to fully define the project and prepare detailed requirements that are suitable for use in the procurement process. The focus of this guidance is to develop documents that will enable you to procure an ASCT system that is currently available from a vendor. It does not provide sufficient guidance to develop procurement documents for the development of a custom-built ASCT system. That would require much more detailed specification of subsystems, physical equipment and user interfaces.
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