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Goals To explore the operating characteristics of series and separately excited DC motors, To understand the differences between the two types of excitation. Introduction The objective of this laboratory is to determine the operating characteristics of two types of DC motor: separately excited and series.

Theory review DC Motors All DC motors have the same fundamental topology. There is a stationary part, the stator, which carries a field winding. The field winding is designed to create a stationary magnetic field which passes through the rotating part of the motor, the rotor. The rotor carries an armature winding. The armature winding is connected through moving contacts (slip rings and brushes) to an external voltage supply. The power flow in the armature winding is relatively high, while the power in the field winding circuit is much lower. The different techniques for supplying power to the field winding result in different types of motor with different characteristics. (The armature design is similar for all types of DC motor). All DC motors have the same two fundamental
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