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Principle of Operation of D.C Machines [ Example of Single conductor Generator & Motor ~ Rotating Machines ~ Driving & Opposing torques ~ Generator mode ~ Motor mode ~ Condition for steady production of torque ~ D.C generator: Basic principle of operation ~ D.C motor: Basic principle of operation ]

In the first section of the lesso n we consider an example using a single conductor to behave as a generator or as a motor. Although the motion of th e conductor is rectilinear, the example brings out several useful facts which are tr ue for rotating machines as well. The following sections begin by giving some important information which are true for all most all kinds of rotating electrical machines. It is fi rst explained that two torques namely the driving torque and the load torque will exis t during the operation of the machine both as generator and motor. After going thr ough the lesson one will understand: 1. the meaning of loading of generator and motor. 2. that motoring & generating actions go side by side. 3. the dynamics involved while the operating poi nt moves from one steady state condition to another.
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