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[ pdf ] Totally Integrated Automation and DC Drives

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Upon completion of Basics of DC Drives you will be able to: Explain the concepts of force, inertia, speed, and torque Explain the difference between work and power Describe the operation of a DC motor Identify types of DC motors by their windings Identify nameplate information on a DC motor necessary for application to a DC drive Identify the differences between a power module and a base drive Explain the process of converting AC to DC using thyristors Describe the basic construction of a DC drive Explain the significant differences between 1- and 4- quadrant operation in a DC drive Describe features and operation of the Siemens 6RA70 DC MASTER Describe the characteristics of constant torque, constant horsepower, and variable torque applications

This knowledge will help you better understand customer applications In addition, you will be better able to describe products to customers and determine important differences between products If you are an employee of a Siemens Energy & Automation authorized distributor, fill out the final exam tear-out card and mail in the card We will mail you a certificate of completion if you score a passing grade Good luck with your efforts
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    "Totally Integrated Automation and DC Drives"



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