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[ pdf ] A Guide To AC Motor Repair And Motor Replacement

A Guide To AC Motor Repair And Motor Replacement Download
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Motors never fail at a “good” time. Production stops; workers stand idle; deliveries are missed. The pressure to get back in operation quickly often leads to snap decisions to repair or replace the failed motor. But the best time to make such decisions is before a breakdown occurs—not during a crisis. That’s why it’s so important to plan ahead and take a proactive approach to motor system management. A good first step is to make a list of all the motors at your facility. This should include the type, size and application of each motor, as well as its age, maintenance and repair history, operating condi- tions and environment, and annual energy cost (or hours of operation). By examining this information, it’s often possible to determine ahead of time which motors to repair or replace when a failure occurs. It can even help in spotting application problems that may be contributing to or causing failures

Reliable Solutions Today! A Guide To AC Motor Repair And Replacement Table Of Contents Introduction . . 1 Plan Ahead . 2 Why Motors Fail . 2 Making The Decision To Repair Or Replace 3 Obtaining Quality Motor Repairs 8 Specifying A Motor Rewind 11 Evaluating And Selecting A Motor Service Center . 13 Obtaining Motor Repairs Of The Highest Quality 15 EASA’s Quality Initiatives . . 16 About EASA . . 17 Appendix: Motor Repair Procedures 18 References
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