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System design has centered on long-haul communications and the subscriber-loop plant.

System design has centered on long-haul communications and the subscriber-loop plant. The subscriber-loop plant is the part of a system that connects a subscriber to the nearest switching center.
Cable television is an example. Limited work has also been done on short-distance applications and some military systems. Initially, central office trunking required multimode optical fibers with moderate to good performance. Fiber performance depends on the amount of loss and signal distortion introduced by the fiber when it is operating at a specific wavelength. Long-haul systems require single mode optical fibers with very high performance. Single mode fibers tend to have lower loss and produce less signal distortion.
In contrast, short-distance and military systems tend to use only multimode technology. Examples of short-distance systems include process control and local area networks (LANs). Short-distance and military systems have many connections. The larger fiber core and higher fiber numerical aperture (NA) of multimode fibers reduce losses at these connections. Chapter 4 explains fiber connection properties in more detail. Chapter 2 provides more detail on multimode and single mode fibers.
In military and subscriber-loop applications, system design and parts selection are related. Designers consider trade-offs in the following areas:
· Fiber properties
· Types of connections
· Optical sources
· Detector types
Designers develop systems to meet stringent working requirements, while trying to maintain economic performance. It is quite difficult to identify a standard system design approach. This module identifies the types of components chosen by the Navy for shipboard applications. Future system design improvements depend on continued research. Researchers expect fiber optic product improvements to upgrade performance and lower costs for short-distance applications. Future systems center on broadband services that will allow transmission of voice, video, and data. Services will include television, data retrieval, video word processing, electronic mail, banking, and shopping.
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