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Piping Systems & Pipeline ASME Code Simplified, The genesis of this book came from work done on another book about codes, Pressure Vessels: The ASME Code Simplified. It was fueled by several years working on the ASME B31 Pipe Codes as a volunteer for both the B31.3 Section Committee and the Mechanical Design Technical Committee. And it was honed by the many years spent in the designing and fabricating of products under the guidance and regulation of one or more of the various codes, both national and international, that are used to help make modern pressure technology systems safer.

This book also results from years of reflections on the questions I have encountered in my career—both my own questions and questions I have been asked, either as a company engineer or as a committee member. These questions come in three generic types, which can be classified as follows: 1. Does this passage in the Code mean …? 2. Why is …? 3. Which Code/Standard applies in …? The actual code committees sometimes have a hard time answering the latter two questions, because answering them in detail would constitute or approach a consulting requirement. The first question can often be interpreted for a specific code or edition of that code. Since the Code is constantly being improved these questions cannot be answered generically. The piping codes tend to spawn the third type of question because piping serves so many varied fluids, temperatures, pressures, materials, and risk factors. Code B31 ameliorates that problem by publishing section books dedicated to a particular category of those services. The fact remains, as has often been said, “Once the pipe is in service, how does it know which code it was designed and built for?” It doesn’t. But there are different solutions to those common problems and thus the various codes develop requirements that suit those solutions.
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