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M-247 250 Page 11rnSECTION 3 − GMAW FUNDAMENTALSrn3-1. Basic InformationrnA. Overview Of Welding ProcessesrnThe two basic types of metal transfer are short circuit and spray.rnIn short circuit transfer, the wire shortrncircuits to the workpiece and weld wire is transferred with each short circuit. Shortrncircuit transfer uses smallerrnwirerndiameters at lower arc voltages and higher slope settings.

TABLE OF CONTENTSrnSECTION 1 −rnSAFETY PRECAUTIONS - READ BEFORE USING 1rn.rn1-1.rnSymbol Usagern1rn .rn1-2. Arc Wrnelding Hazardsrn1rn.rn1-3.rnAdditional Symbols For Installation, Operation, And Maintenance 3rn rn1-4.rnCalifornia Proposition 65 Wrnarnings 4rn rn1-5.rnPrincipal Safety Standardsrn4rn rn1-6.rnEMF Informationrn4rn .rnSECTION 2 − CONSIGNES DE SÉCURITÉ −rnLIRE AVANTrnUTILISATION 5rn rn2-1.rnSymboles utilisésrn5rn rn2-2.rnDangers relatifs au soudage à l’arc 5rn .rn2-3.rnDangers supplémentaires en relation avec l’installation, le fonctionnement et la maintenance 7rn .rn2-4.rnProposition californienne 65 Arnvertissements 8rn rn2-5.rnPrincipales normes de sécurité 9rn.rn2-6.rnInformations relatives aux CEM 9rnrnSECTION 3 − GMAW FUNDAMENTALS 11rn .rn3-1.rnBasic Informationrn11rn rn3-2. Wrnelding Positionsrn15rn rn3-3. GMAW (MIG) /rnFCAW PipePro System 16rnrn3-4. Trnypical PipeWorx Connection Diagram For MIG (GMAW)rnEquipment With FeederrnOn Power Sourcern17rn rn3-5. Trnypical PipeWorx Connection Diagram For MIG (GMAW)rnEquipment With Feeder On Cart 18rn .rn3-6. Process Vrnariable Definitionsrn19rn .rn3-7. JointrnPreparation And Typical Recommendations For 1G, 5G, 6G, And 6GR 20rn .rn3-8.rnRMD Open Root Joint Preparation 21rn rn3-9. 5G Wrnelding Technique Recommendations 23rn .rn3-10. 1G Wrnelding Technique Recommendations 27rn .rn3-11. Welding Passes And Appropriate Process With Parameter Ranges 30rn rn3-12. Trrnoubleshooting Guidern3
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