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This design guideline covered the selection and sizing method of compressor used in the typical processing industries. The guideline helps engineers to understand basic design of the difference types of compressor, and gain knowledge in selection and sizing.

Compressors are widely used in industries to transport fluids. It is a mechanical device that compresses a gas. There are many types of compressors, thus a proper selection is needed to fulfil the typical necessity of each industry. Generally, the compression of gases may be accomplished in device with rotating blades or in cylinders with reciprocating pistons. Rotary equipment is used for high volume flow where the discharge pressure is not too high, while the reciprocating compressors are required for high pressures. Besides volumetric flow rate, there are also many parameters to be considered, includes the valid standards to be used. Compressor selection is important; hence the theory for each type of compressor is included in this guideline as additional information. All the important parameters used in the guideline are well explained in the definition section, which helps the reader to understand the meaning of the parameters or the term used. The theory section includes thermodynamics as a basic theory of gas compression, comparison of several types of compressor, sizing theory, and formulations for the compressor design. There are many equations found to sizing the compressor, hence the practical (based on ideal condition) and generally used equations are added in this design guideline. In the application section, five cases examples are included to guide the reader o do the compressor sizing. In the end of this guideline, example specification data sheet is included which is created base on industrial example. Calculation spreadsheet is included as well and to aid user more understand to apply the theory for calculations.
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    Posted by Rachelle Reeves
    Sat Jul 11, 2015 12:32:31 AM

    I am building a small rocket to be shot off by an air compressor. The air pressure needs to high, but it doesn't need to be that high for a very long time. What kind of compressor would you suggest I use? http://www.macair.ca/service/

    Posted by Matthew Turner
    Tue Nov 26, 2013 10:31:07 PM

    Thanks, got it!

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