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[ pdf ] Modeling simulation and evaluation of a centrifugal compressor with surge avoidance control

Modeling simulation and evaluation of a centrifugal compressor with surge avoidance control Download
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The anti surge valve is a fail open solenoid valve. This means that it needs a ... Figure 2.10 Characteristic of solenoid valve at u = 1. 2.5 Disturbances

In order to obtain natural gas from a well, it is necessary to pump it to the surface and into a network. The pump normally used in this case is a centrifugal compressor. Besides the pressurization and transportation of fluids in the process and chemical industries, other appiications of centrifugai compressors invoive fiuid compression for use in aircraft engines, in industrial gas mbines and in nubocharged combustion engines j i j. The working principle of a centrifugal compressor is to increase the kinetic energy of the fluid with a rotating impeller. The fluid is then slowed down in a volume called the plenum, where the kinetic energy is converted into potential energy in the form of a pressure rise. Centrifugal compressors have an instable working region. In this region, a decrease of flow results in a decrease of outlet pressure. When the plenum pressure behind the compressor is higher then the compressor outlet pressure, the fluid tends to reverse or even flow back in the compressor. As a consequence, the plenum pressure will decrease, inlet pressure will increase and the flow reverses again. This phenomenon, called surge, repeats and occurs in cycles with frequencies varying from 1 to 2 Hz. Another aerodynamic instability that can occur in centrifugal compressors is stall. Both instabilities dramatically decrease the efficiency and severe surge can even cause mechmical danage to the compressor. In the case study of this internal traineeship, stall is not taken into account and all attention is focused on avoiding surge.
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