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Ground Source Heat Pump (GeoSource) Download
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The GeoSource heat pump utilizes the earth as the medium from which heat is extracted. Water is pumped through a heat exchanger in the heat pump. Heat is extracted, and the water is then returned to the ground, either through discharge on a drain field or through a closed earth loop system. Because ground temperatures do not vary as dramatically as outside air temperatures, the heat available for transfer, as well as the unitís operating efficiency remains relatively constant throughout the winter. At depths of 15 feet or more below the ground, the soil maintains a year-round temperature of about 43įF -52įF in this region. So in the summer, itís cooler than the outside air, and in the winter, itís warmer--making it an ideal energy source.

1 Introduction History
Types of Heat Pumps
Basic Operation
2 Applications
3 Economics
Costs .
4 Load Estimating
Heat Transfer .
Design Conditions .
Heat Loss
Heat Gain
i 5 Air Distribution
Duct Design
Air Balance and Noise Attenuation
6 Open System Design (Well Water)
Water Requirements
Pressure Tanks
Open System Piping
Water Discharge
7 Earth Loop Design
Earth Loop Fabrication Practices
Antifreeze Solutions
Loop Design and Sizing .
Pumping Requirements
System Purging
ii 8 System Design and Installation
Selecting a System
Sizing The Heat Pump
9 Maintenance
10 Glossary

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