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The control valve is the most important single element in any fluid handling system, because it regulates the flow of fluid to the process. To properly select a control valve, a general knowledge of the process and components is usually necessary. This reference section can help you select and size the control valve that most closely matches the process requirements

The sizing of a valve is very important if it is to render good service. If it is undersized, it will not have sufficient capacity. If it is oversized, the controlled variable may cycle, and the seat, and disc will be subject to wire drawing because of the restricted opening. Systems are designed for the most adverse conditions expected (i.e., coldest weather, greatest load, etc.). In addition, system components (boiler, chiller, pumps, coils, etc.) are limited to sizes available and frequently have a greater capacity than system requirements. Correct sizing of the control valve for actual expected conditions is considered essential for good control
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