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Reference:Control Valves – Practical Guides for Measurement and Control” edited by Guy Borden, Jr. and Paul G. Friedmann, 1998 edition published by ISA, This specification prescribes the minimum mandatory requirements governing the design, sizing, and selection of control valves.

This specification prescribes the minimum mandatory requirements governing the design, sizing, and selection of control valves.
1.1 Equipment and services furnished by the Seller shall include:
1.1.1 Design, fabrication, testing and delivery of all valves, complete with actuators and accessories to meet the requirements of this specification and the control valve data sheets.
1.1.2 All interconnecting instrument tubing and fittings between the valve actuator, positioner, and filter regulator.
1.1.3 Any special tools required for assembly, disassembly and maintenance.
1.1.4 Valve drawings and calculations, including outline dimensions, weights, circuit diagrams, section drawings, part lists and materials.
1.1.5 Installation, operation, and maintenance manuals, including instructions for any sub-suppliers.
1.1.6 Recommended spare parts lists.
1.2 Equipment and services furnished by the Buyer shall include:
1.2.1 Receiving, unloading, storage, and installation of all equipment supplied by Seller.
1.2.2 Electrical wiring for power and signals for position indicating lights, solenoids, and/or control stations. 1.2.3 All external piping, tubing, valves, and fittings, except as specified to be furnished by the Seller.
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