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Series 2600 Pressure Relief Valves Download
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Farris Series 2600 Pressure Relief Valves,This catalog covers Series 2600, 2600S and 2600L pressure relief valves including the latest infor mation available to assist you in the sizing and selection of the proper valves for your application.

What is the Farris Advantage? • Easy sizing and selection of valves using Farris catalogs and/or SizeMaster™ Sizing and Selection software. • A method of specification and ordering that is simple, accurate and complete. • Accurate and timely shipments in accordance with our computerized inventories. • Factory-trained engineering/sales staff to assist you in solving your pressure relief valve problems. • Streamlined design to allow you maximum flexibility in the use and repair of your Farris pressure relief valves. • Assurance of the utmost safety of your equipment when protected by a Farris valve. • Maximum seat tightness in accordance with stringent inspection and testing. • Complete repair and maintenance information that affords you repairs in your own maintenance shop. • Maximum interchangeability of parts. • Continuous availability of replacement parts at our plants and authorized service centers for immediate shipment to meet your emergency requirements. • Long service life of a soundly-designed pressure relief valve made from materials suited to your service. • Twenty-four hour/seven-day customer support is achieved via our FAST Centers and our Web-based CW Commerce Program accessible to all Farris Representatives.
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    Posted by Aigul
    Sun Jan 19, 2014 04:42:49 PM

    Hi, my name's Aigul. I'm representative of limited liability company "Akzhelken Aktau" from Kazakhstan. We need "Spare parts of the limit safety valve of the spring Farris type of a series 2600 L" If existence is at you, please send me p/p. including to the city of Aktau Kazakhstan. I wait for your answer. 1. disk stainless steel 316 P/N: 8482X5-010, 316SS, PSV FARRIS MOD 26DA13/14/15/16-120 - 8 piece. 2. nozzle stainless steel 316 P/N: 1261x121-010, 316SS, PSV FARRIS MOD 26DA14/15/16-120 - 8 piece. 3. holder of a disk stainless steel 316 P/N:3401X17-010, 316SS, PSV FARRIS MOD 26DA13/14/15/16-120 - 8 piece. 4. case laying stainless steel 316 P/N:4KG26A35, 316SS, PSV FARRIS MOD 26DA14/15/16-120, 1,5"X2" - 8 piece. 5. ring of collecting stainless steel 316 P/N: 16146X2-010, 316SS, PSV FARRIS MOD 26DA13/14/15/16-120 - 8 piece.

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