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A Control Valve performs a special task, controlling the flow of fluids so a process variable such as fluid pressure, fluid level or temperature can be controlled. In addition to controlling the flow, a control valve may be used to shut off flow. A control valve may be defined as a valve with a powered actuator that responds to an external signal. The signal usually comes from a controller. The controller and valve together form a basic control loop. The control valve is seldom full open or closed but in an intermediate position controlling the flow of fluid through the valve. In this dynamic service condition, the valve must withstand the erosive effects of the flowing fluid while maintaining an accurate position to maintain the process variable.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Valve Flow Terminology The Sizing Process Operating Conditions Fluid Properties Rangeability Cv and Flow Sizing Formulas CV Formulas for Liquid Flow CV Formulas for Vapor Flow CV Formulas for Two Phase Flow Flow Velocity Formulas Flow Velocity for Liquid Flow Flow Velocity for Vapor Flow Nomenclature Conversion to Cg and Cs Seat Leakage Actuator Sizing ∆P Tables Application Guide for Cavitation, Flashing and Compressible Flow Services Liquid Flow Cavitation Cavitation Definition Cavitation Countermeasures Application of Warren Trims in Cavitation Service Cavitation Avoidance Cavitation Tolerant Cavitation Containment Cavitation Prevention The Cavitation Phenomena Fluid and Pressure Profiles Choked Flow and Incipient Cavitation Cavitation Damage Flashing Flashing Definition Flashing Countermeasures Body Material Trim Selection Application of Warren Valves in Flashing Service Body Material: Trim Selection The Flashing Phenomena Liquid Flow Velocity - Body Material Compressible Flow Noise Compressible Flow Noise Discussion Compressible Flow Noise Countermeasures Application of Warren Trims in Compressible Flow Applications Standard Trims: Multiple Orifice Trims Compressible Flow Velocity Limits: Two Stage Trims and Backpressure Orifices: The Compressible Flow Noise Phenomena TABLES Trim Rangeability Table 1 Fluid Properties Table 2 FL Factors Table 3 Flanged Body Inlet and Outlet Diameters Table 4 Allowable Seat Leakage Classes Table 5 Liquid Flow Velocity Limits Table 6 FIGURES Cavitation
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